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    Louder Later Project : Photographer, Writer, Producer

    On the surface it seems that busking is not highly regulated, in reality the politics around busking in Vancouver are many. This 6x 10 inch book features forty 35mm colour photographs, combined with the opinions and stories of Vancouver’s open-air musicians; as they constantly face fluctuating regulations and as such sporadic enforcement. Their request is simply to have the right to play, and they wouldn’t mind if they could play louder and later too. (June 2010)

     ABZ’s: The Zombie Alphabet: Editor, Designer, Printer

    Original screen printed hard cover book | 50 pages | 6″ x.5.5″ x 1/2 ” approx. | Limited Edition of 80
    A collaborative project by the illustrator Melissa Soleski and Eglantine Shines Publications. This book goes through the alphabet in a unique way through words and images pertaining to zombie fan culture. (SOLD OUT)